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about compliance with UK law
Items sold with labels cut or removed are not done so because they are ‘fakes’ the labels have to be cut, blacked out or removed to comply with re-sale law & to stop store returns in the UK
Many bargains can be had, buying this way.
Wholesalers buy up any ‘late orders’ ‘cancelled orders’
These are then sold on in smaller batches & you will find them on eBay, Amazon, Markets etc,Perfectly legal.
Some retailers insist the whole label is cut out and no reference made to its name ,others want it snipped.
1) topshop will order 10,000 jumpers from manufacturer
2) to allow for damaged etc. items the manufacturer will produce 12,000 jumpers
3) they then give topshop their 10,000, but now say they have 1,200 let from the 12,000.
4) topshop dont want them and as they are styled for Topshop and labelled they can not sell to other retailers.
5) they will remove the labels from the 1.200 garments and then sell these to clearance houses/wholesalers as top shop seconds at a reduced cost
6) these will then be sold to market traders/eBay sellers.
this does not just happen with clothes it happens with everything.
Hope this helps to clarify .